WWE Provides Update on Xavier Woods' Condition

Fastlane was supposed to give us another classic chapter in the Usos vs. New Day rivalry. Instead, thanks to the Bludgeon Brothers, we got wrestling's equivalent of the Red Wedding.

No one came out worse than The New Day’s Xavier Woods. After a double powerbomb from Luke Harper and Erik Rowan, Woods become a trembling mass of meat. WWE medical staff rush to his side and eventually scraped him off the steel steps and escorted him to the back.

According to WWE, Woods suffered a thoracic spine injury. Here are a few more details on the injury:

“Our preliminary diagnosis is multiple thoracic contusions,” explained WWE medical personnel of Woods’ injury. “We’re currently in the process of having him evaluated with X-rays and possibly an MRI for any further damage, such as ruptured discs or fractures of the thoracic spine.”

Now we aren't foolish enough to say that Xavier’s plunge into the stairs was “fake.” Clearly, with the thud, it was a very painful moment for the 31-year old. And, we also aren't foolish enough to say that Woods isn’t feeling the effects of his beatdown at this very moment. However, nor are we foolish enough to believe that Woods sustained a real injury—this is all part of the show.


To Wood’s credit, he did a wonderful job of selling life-threatening beatdown and to make sure things stick, expect him to be off of TV, or at least out of a wrestling ring for a few weeks. Maybe it will be to heal up to damage done to his thoracic cavity, we won’t know for sure, but that’s part of the fun of being a WWE fun.

What we do know, is that we’re destined for a Six-Man Tag Match at WrestleMania for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. While the match has yet to be made official, this next episode of SmackDown will probably stamp it into existence.