WWE's Chris Jericho Involved in Profanity-Filled Altercation

If WWE fans loved Chris Jericho's "Stupid Idiot" insult, they'll love what he has to say to belligerent strangers after dark.

Last night at Irving Plaza in New York City, Jericho made an appearance at a David Z tribute show, who recently passed away in a bus accident. When Jericho took a break, he was naturally approached by fans outside of the venue. After appeasing them for a few autographs and photos, TMZ Sports reported that he began to turn down fans.

And one of them was not having it.

What ensued was a swarm of f-bombs and other colorful insults. TMZ Sports has the footage.

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It's nearly impossible to tell who's at fault for inciting the confrontation, but Jericho has already issued a public apology.

"David Z was a good friend of mine and I was mentally and emotionally shattered after paying tribute to him and essentially saying goodbye to him Friday night," Jericho said in a statement to TMZ.

"I was not in a good state of mind at that time and instead of ignoring a pushy (aka rude) fan which is what I would usually do, I snapped. My apologies to all involved and God bless David Z," he added.

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To Jericho's credit, other than charged language he seemed pretty cool and refused to elevate to his adversary's level. Needless to say, this isn't great publicity for Jericho and WWE.

Jericho surprised the entire WWE Universe last week in showing up to a Richmond, Va. episode of SmackDown. It was one of the few times in wrestling that a secret was kept and allowed for fans to truly rejoice in an unexpected moment. Since his prodigal return, he nor WWE have made any indication that he was returning to a full-time schedule.


Y2J is a busy man, frequently touring with his band Fozzy, and hosting his own podcast, Talk is Jericho. In light of the current situation, WWE may keep him off television for a few weeks. Then again, they could run with the controversy and put him back on television as soon as possible.

Currently, there are no rumored SummerSlam plans for Jericho, but WWE has three weeks to craft something up for Y2J. Don't expect much fallout from Jericho's scuffle with a fan, as nothing illegal happened and Jericho did a decent enough job of staying professional.