'WWE Raw': Watch Brie and Nikki Bella Beat Down Ronda Rousey

Since her arrival in the WWE earlier this year, Ronda Rousey has been an unstoppable force, [...]

Since her arrival in the WWE earlier this year, Ronda Rousey has been an unstoppable force, winning every match she had with ease. All that changed on Monday, however, when the Bella Twins turned on the former UFC champion in the midst of another Rousey-led victory during Monday Night Raw on Oct. 8.

Rousey and the Bellas had just claimed victory over the Riott Squad in a six-woman tag team match after Rousey forced Ruby Riott to tap out with an armbar, with the trio celebrating together and the Bellas even hugging Rousey after the match was over.

Suddenly, Nikki Bella knocked Rousey to the ground, with Brie Bella joining in as the twins attacked a dumbfounded Rousey as she lay on the floor of the ring.

Rousey quickly got up and began to fight back, though each time she seemed to gain an upper hand on one twin, the other would come to the rescue and take Rousey out. Ultimately, the twins dragged Rousey back into the ring before tossing her title belt on top of her as she lay on the ground.

After the fact, the twins explained why they attacked their former friend, revealing that they were done spending time in Rousey's shadow.

Brie responded to the interviewer's note that Rousey had been by their side with her own view on the situation, saying, "I mean, been by our side? You mean taking up our space, standing in front of us, taking our shine? Is that what you mean?"

Nikki added, "Brie and I are here for Evolution, but we're here to remind everyone, even Ronda Rousey, that this is a Bella-lution."

The Bellas' heel turn was something that had been rumored for some time, and it was later confirmed that Rousey will face Bella at WWE Evolution on Oct. 28, with Bella vying for Rousey's Raw Women's Championship.

Judging by the amount of boos the Bellas received as they attacked Rousey and eventually left the ring, the WWE Universe will likely be on the side of The Baddest Woman on the Planet when it comes time for her to defend her title against Nikki at Evolution.

The event will be WWE's first all-woman Pay-Per-View event, with Stephanie McMahon revealing that 50 women will participate. Other scheduled matches include bouts for the Smackdown Women's Championship and NXT Women's Championship, as well as the final of the Mae Young Classic.

Photo Credit: WWE