Is it Time for Paige to Make her WWE Return?

Perhaps no wrestler has made more news for the wrong reasons in 2017 than Paige. The 2-time Women's Champion has had a rough go, from injury and suspensions to x-rated personal hacks and domestic disturbances.

Maybe a return to competition could put her back on the right path.

That seems to be the sentiment of Jim Ross, who, in a recent blog post, cited his enthusiasm for the potential of Paige returning to WWE.

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"I've got no dog in the hunt on this matter, but since many have asked me about this I'll simply say that I'd love to see Paige back in the WWE competing with the talented, women's roster that's in place. Paige has incredible skills and I only hope that this potential opportunity to resume her career in WWE when she's healthy is taken seriously by all involved," Ross wrote.

"There is nowhere else in the world for women wrestlers to do better financially than in WWE. Plus there is no better time to be a women's wrestler than now in @WWE," he added.

Paige has been nursing a neck injury for most of this year and is believed to be close to returning to in ring action. In June, she posted a tweet that seems to allude that she's nearly free of medical supervision.

The tweet led to further fan speculation that, despite her propensity for bad headlines, WWE may be bringing her back. A fan posed a question about Paige's future in WWE to internet wrestling lord, Dave Melter.

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It's been over a month since Meltzer's ominous reply, and Paige has only gotten closer to jail, not the wrestling ring. Even further, Paige and her fiancé, Alberto El Patron, have not just made news with their antics, but also by trashing WWE in videos. Some believe that the only reason Paige has yet to be realized by the company is because of a pending documentary centered around her and her family.


On that note, Paige's family is now starting to weigh in, voicing their concern over her relationship with Global Force Wrestling's World Champion. The couple has become known for their volatile nature and public outbursts. Del Rio made headlines last week for an expletive-ridden Instagram post where he challenged both Triple H and Xavier Woods to a fight, as well as trashing the WWE in his Impact Slammiversary PPV victory speech.

As far as her return to wrestling goes, it could be beneficial for all parties. Let's hope it happens.