Paige Was Warned by Doctor to Stop Wrestling Prior to Her Return

The wrestling world is still buzzing from the news that broke on Friday that Paige has been told by WWE that her in-ring career is over.

The diagnosis seems to have been brought on by an injury suffered by Paige during a house show match with Sasha Banks in December. Sasha kicked Paige from behind, resulting in an unscripted stoppage of the bout. A stretcher was brought out and all involved appeared very concerned, as they should have been.

Paige clearly wasn't ready for the kick or its impact, and it looks to have possibly aggravated Paige's earlier condition. Just over a year ago, Paige underwent neck surgery. That, along with a couple of suspensions, resulted in her absence from WWE television for over a year.

As it turns out, that neck issue was still a problem, and Paige even addressed that during a recent appearance on Lillian Garcia's podcast. She spoke about going through the protocol of being cleared for a return, and she mentioned that one of her doctors did not want to clear her and still thought (as the podcast was being recorded) that she should never wrestle again.

You can hear the clip below.

It's almost eerie to listen to this conversation now given what has gone on in the last couple of days.

For what it's worth, it sounds like Paige is not ready to accept the fact that her wrestling career could be over. A recent post on Instagram notes that she would like to make a comeback eventually. Given what has gone down with WWE, it's doubtful that will happen in the WWE itself, but if she can obtain medical clearance, it could certainly happen elsewhere.


Here's to hoping Paige opts into doing what is best for her future and for her family.