WWE Officially Parts Ways With Ryback

(Photo: WWE)

WWE announced Monday they have parted ways with Ryan Reeves, aka Ryback, and has released him from his contract. Back in May, Ryback announced that he was sent home by the company after a pay dispute left WWE and Ryback at a standstill in negotiations. He was written off TV and not mentioned any further. He was momentarily involved in WWE's fantasy draft, but was removed shortly after.

Ryback recently announced that he had launched his own site and was taking bookings and will be working a full-time wrestling schedule. It was rumored that Vince McMahon himself saw a star "bigger than John Cena" in Ryback when he was still under his Skip Sheffield gimmick, which Ryback boasted about in interviews. There was a time where Ryback was competing for the company's top prize and slated in big time matches, but eventually WWE moved on in another direction.

Debuting on NXT, it would be a while before he developed the Ryback character. He would become a one-time Intercontiental Champion, but lose the title shortly to Kevin Owens. He would never recapture any more WWE gold and left during a feud with Kalisto, who was the United States Champion at the time.


(Via WWE)