What Is Up With WWE's New Dean Ambrose Shirt?

The only thing crazier than the Lunatic Fringe himself is the new Dean Ambrose shirt that recently popped up in the WWE.com Shop.

At first glance, the shirt looks like your standard WWE/Whisky bottle graphic hybrid. There's a bunch of swirlies with barb wire on them, Dean's grunge-era logo and the phrase "Grade A" placed at the bottom, signifying Dean Ambrose is an edible product.

All that I get.

It's the other wording on the shirt that gets confusing. The phrase "No Good Dean Goes Unhinged" surrounds Ambrose's name and logo. I get this is obviously a play on the "No Good Dead Goes Unpunished" phrase, but ... um, what?

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Dean Ambrose Shirt
(Photo: wwe)

So, everyone named Dean goes insane? Or at least wrestling insane (wears only tank tops, talks to plants). Is this common knowledge?

Am I missing something here or is that the dumbest thing you've ever heard?

Maybe I need to run down a list of Dean's I know to see if this phrase has some validity.

Let's start with another wrestling Dean–Dean Malenko. If there was ever a guy I would classify as totally hinged, it's Dean Malenko. Not a fringe bone in his body.

Dean Cain - Played Superman and Brenda's "too boring" love interest on 90210. Hinged.

Dean McDermott - Married Donna from 90210, had his own reality show. Hollywood hinged.

Dean Martin - Now he was unhinged quite a bit, but that was only because he was drinking with the rat pack.

Dean DeLeo - Guitarist for Stone Temple Pilots. Hardly the most unhinged person in that band.

Dean Smith - One of the greatest basketball coaches to ever live. Totally hinged.

According to my research, only a few good Dean's go unhinged.


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I do not accept the WWE's new slogan unless they plan on turning Ambrose heel and calling him "No Good Dean", in which case I'm all for it.