WWE Money in the Bank Winner (SPOILER)

According to an exclusive report from Sports Keeda, tonight’s Men’s Money in the Bank winner [...]

According to an exclusive report from Sports Keeda, tonight's Men's Money in the Bank winner has leaked. The Dirty Sheets Pod, a Sports Keeda affiliate, says that the decision has been flipped 3 times but appears to have been finalized.

Here's your SPOILER Warning.

As per reports, it will be Baron Corbin winning tonight's Money in the Bank Match.

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For about a year now, we've heard that WWE has been planning to make Corbin Mr. Money in the Bank. If this is what transpires it would speak volumes to how much WWE believes in Corbin. Not only has WWE premeditated this moment but never once deviated.

Corbin has held his own since coming over to SmackDown. Is there a sexier pick WWE could make, like AJ Styles of Shinsuke Nakamura? Sure. But Corbin has been consistent this calendar year and has given WWE little reason to change their minds.

The most inspiring bit of all this is that WWE is committing to their youth. For SmackDown, the narrative continues, it is indeed the land of opportunity. it's likely that if Corbin were to have stayed at Raw, he would have never earned such an opportunity.

Of course plans could change at any moment but for now, expect to see a Lone Wolf coronation.

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