Jake The Snake Wants A Match With Bray Wyatt

WWE Hall of Famer, Jake The Snake Roberts, wants to work with Bray Wyatt in the worst way. Today, the legendary WWE star took to his Twitter account to beg the wrestling gods for a match with the Eater of Worlds.

Roberts has praised Bray's work for years, but in a March interview with SI.com, The Snake discussed how WWE had damaged The Wyatt Family leader's character.

"They've really hurt his character in the last year. They've really watered it down.

It's great that Bray is champion, but my worry is that they're pulling him away from his character. The people were chanting, "You deserve it!" to him on Smackdown after he won the title. Is that a chant for a heel? Hell no, but that's just the nature of the business these days.

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Bray needs to do something really nasty, and now is the time. He needs to be the one to do something crude and wrong. Hopefully they'll let him keep his character and hold onto the belt for a while. If this is just WWE quickly using Bray to change the guard, then it's a waste of time."

Roberts was right. Wyatt's short WWE Championship run began with so much potential, but fizzled out in a WrestleMania match with Randy Orton that didn't live up to the hype and a House of Horrors match that most would rather forget.

In the same interview, Roberts revealed that he tried to contact WWE about helping The Viper work on his sinister character earlier in the year, but was hurt by not getting a response.

"Randy Orton has a lot of going for him. He's just missing that last little piece. I would love to spend time with him and see if I could help him. I've offered that before, and no one replied, so there you go. It hurts because I love the business and I want to give back to it. It's a damn shame that I reached out and didn't hear anything, it made me sick to my stomach."

While WWE will certainly have no interest in bringing the 62 year old former star in for a match with Bray, it's really a shame they can't find on screen roles for more of their legends in the New Era.

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No one in WWE history could cut a more realistic, sadistic promo than Roberts. Can you imagine if Wyatt had The Snake as his manager? Or even Luke Harper or Erick Rowan, who may not have the same mic skills as Bray?

There's a lot of ways the former stars could contribute without having to get physical in the ring and it's ashamed they aren't being utilized.