WWE Network Game Show Looks To Be On The Way

It looks as though the WWE Network is about to expand into an area it has not experimented with as of yet: game shows.

Xavier Woods of the New Day posted a video on his Instagram account recently that shows himself, Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Renee Young on what looks to be a game show set. They are popping balloons in front of three podiums and a sign that reads "Who Knows?" with the WWE Network logo. It's pretty clear from the set that "Who Knows?" is the name of the show.

You can see the brief video below.

This actually is not the first reference to a possible game show on the WWE Network. In the past, there were rumors that the company was going to launch a game show with R-Truth as the host. A pilot was even filmed, but WWE decided to cancel their plans for the show after that pilot episode.

This seems like a logical next step for the Network as they continue to develop original content. Young has previously shined as part of WWE Network original content (Unfiltered is one of the best original talk shows the company has produced) and she would likely be a great addition to this kind of project. Though it's hard to deduct much from the brief video, one would think Young is the host and all three members of the New Day are contestants. However, due to their gift of gab, it's not hard to imagine New Day having a regular role as part of the game show cast.