Rumored Field for Extreme Rules Number One Contender Match

There's a chance that SummerSlam is Brock Lesnar's final match as a WWE Superstar. At minimum, his Brooklyn opponent will likely pin The Beast making the Extreme Rules number one contender match a significant moment in WWE history.

Right now, only Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley are booked for the multi-man match on July 15. Kurt Angle never specified how many Superstars will join them but the Wrestling Observer Newsletter asserts it will likely be Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman and Baron Corbin who will fill out the match.

Even though The Observer is wrestling's holy fountain of speculation, there's a logical hole in this report. Why would Braun Strowman compete for a right to meet Lesnar at SummerSlam when he can technically use his Money in the Bank contract whenever he pleases?

From the looks of it, Meltzer may have just added up the names from RAW's main event and stuck them with Lashley and Reigns. However, it is likely Finn Balor and even Constable Corbin make their way into the match, but it appears Owens and Strowman may veer off for their own program.

So who does that leave? Well, Seth Rollins is a name that fits, but a report on Friday asserted he may be chasing Dolph Ziggler and the Intercontinental Championship for a while. Elias and Jinder Mahal could make the cut, but other than that, WWE is short on credible names to put in such a big spot.

Right now, this seems to be telegraphing Roman Reigns victory. A story emerged this week indicating that was still WWE's plan—have Reigns try Lesnar one more time—but coupled with a Strowman cash in to close the show.

Given the prospective field, Reigns by far carries the most main event clout and his win may have already reached the point of formality.


Regardless, WWE has built Lesnar as one of the most dominant champions in company history. Whoever beats him next, even if it's Reigns, will have one hell of the notch on their belt. Big Show discussed this exact concept during an appearance on the Steve Austin Show.

"That's where we're at now. Who can beat Brock Lesnar?" Big Show explained, "Brock Lesnar is no joke, no comedy, no ha-ha, no fun and games. He's a legit champ. Whoever beats Brock Lesnar is going to be made and that's what you want out of somebody that drops the title, not passing the title like you're passing a volleyball back and forth across the net. Now, whoever becomes the champion is somebody that is going to have really earned it through trial and fire."