WWE to Address Enzo Amore’s Release and Cruiserweight Title on Tuesday Night’s ‘SmackDown Live’

WWE has promised to address the future of the Cruiserweight division during Tuesday night's episode of SmackDown Live, following the release of Cruiserweight champion Enzo Amore.

Amore was released following allegations of sexual assault levied against the champ. The whole thing transpired quickly — Amore's accuser went public on Twitter on Monday, and WWE announced his suspension almost immediately, removing his upcoming match from the Royal Rumble card. Less than 24 hours later, the company decided to drop Amore altogether.

The termination creates an issue for Cruiserweight title going forward, however. Amore was scheduled to defend his title against Cedric Alexander at Sunday night's Royal Rumble, and now, it's unclear who the title belongs to and when Alexander will have a chance to go after it.

Thankfully, Daniel Bryan, the SmackDown Live General Manager, has promised to address these questions at the beginning of Tuesday night's episode.

"Among the topics Bryan may address is the status of the WWE Cruiserweight Title," reads a statement on WWE's website. "Will Cedric Alexander still have his long-awaited opportunity to claim it at Royal Rumble? Furthermore, what would the possible addition of a General Manager mean for the future of the Cruiserweight division? And is there someone lined up for the position?"

Amore's release followed a disturbing and highly graphic accusation from an anonymous woman, claiming that he purposefully intoxicated her with drugs and then forced himself on her in a hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona back in October. The Phoenix Police Department is actively investigating the case.

Amore himself reportedly knew about the investigation shortly after it began on Oct. 23, yet he didn't disclose it to the WWE. That lie by omission was reportedly a leading factor in the company's decision to drop the wrestler, despite his celebrity status.


Amore's accuser believes that Tyler Grosso and a third female accomplice helped facilitate the assault, and "left me for dead." She claims to have spent 45 days in a mental hospital recovering after the attack.