Dolph Ziggler Wins United States Championship at Clash of Champions

Dolph Ziggler won his second United States Championship of his career at Clash of Champions on Sunday, defeating both Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode.

Ziggler appeared to be on the losing end when Roode countered a superkick attempt into a Glorious DDT. But Baron Corbin, who walked in as champion, broke up the pin attempts by pulling Roode to the outside and hitting him with a chokeslam backbreaker. He tossed Roode back into the ring and set up for the End of Days, but Ziggler jumped up and hit the Zig Zag while Corbin was delivering the move.

He covered Corbin for the pin, winning the United States Championship for the first time since 2011.


Corbin was interviewed backstage following the match and threw a tantrum, saying Ziggler didn't deserve to be in the match and that he'll be champion once again soon.