WWE's Corey Graves Buries Enzo Amore

Times are tough for Enzo Amore. Not only did his friend and tag team partner, Big Cass, kick him to the curb, he's been kicking him in the teeth too. To add insult to injury, Enzo's peers in WWE have begun to pile on.

Last night on Bring it to the Table, host Peter Rosenberg asked Corey Graves if he liked Amore:

"No! No I don't like Enzo. He's a fine guy, but… again, the guy you see on Monday nights, is that guy 24 hours a day. There's no off switch. It rubs people the wrong way. If you're on a European tour 12 days deep, and he's going on and on and on about how he partied on the weekend in LA, you're gonna get tired of hearing about it. There's a limit, and when you're on the road that much, that'll wear on your nerves."

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Last night, Enzo Amore had his worst showing as a WWE employee. While there have been times when his in-ring work was glaringly bad or moments in his loud promos got uncomfortable he usually always has the crowd behind him.

That was not the case in Pittsburgh.

When Ezno's music hit, the audience let out a collective murmur. As Amore went for his typical antics in the ring, they decline the invitation to play along.

This appears to be the beginning of the end for Amore who has apparently garnered loads of back stage animosity with his peers. JBL too, also had ominous words for Amore:

"Besides Miz, when the locker room turns on a guy (Enzo), like a human repellent, they usually don't last long afterward".

In a recent newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote that Enzo is genuinely disliked backstage. The details are still a little blurry, but most of the heat on Amore stems from a bus incident that leads to Roman Reigns kicking him off of the bus. Further, Enzo has been receiving the "Miz Treatment" where he has been barred by his peers from the talent's dressing room.

Backstage reports have Enzo not being happy with having to split with Big Cass. For obvious reasons Enzo apparently feels vulnerable in his solo spot as WWE has done little to establish his character as anything more than a colorful squawker.

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For Big Cass, this marks the beginning of something huge. Go back and watch his earlier segments segment with Amore. He conveyed true disdain for his partner. He was disgusted by the crowd's soft hearts. This genie is too damn big to go back in the bottle, Big Cass is going to the top of WWE.

When the two had their brief reconciliation, the look of desperate relief Amore wore as he hugged Big Cass was genuine. Maybe it was too real as he was clinging to the final moments of main roster relevancy. To top things off, the duo hit a fiery SAWFT chant, knowing that it would be the last time they'd ever do it together.


We'll hear that chant one more time though - but it may be a while. Like 20 years from now; when Enzo is inducting Big Cass in the WWE Hall of Fame.

H/T Bring It to the Table via WrestleZone.