WWE: CM Punk Gives Away One Of His WWE Titles

Apparently, it pays to be friends with CM Punk. Yesterday, on twitter, Punk's friend, and former WWE wrestler, Cliff Compton posted a tweet of Punk's generosity. While Compton was looking around Punk's storage unit, he found one of the most famous pieces of wrestling memorabilia from the last decade.

The championship was the same as the one CM Punk won in front of his hometown Chicago crowd at the 2011 Money In The Bank when he famously defeated John Cena and "left the WWE with the championship."

Punk would also win the championship again at the 2011 Survivor Series, CM Punk would defeat Alberto Del Rio via Anaconda Vice, and start one of the longest WWE title reigns in the last 25 years.

So what does one do when they're given a famous WWE championship belt?

Either Punk is one hell of a generous friend or he just wanted to show the world once again how much he despises his former employer.

What one piece of wrestling memorabilia would you want to be given?

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