Is Enzo Amore an Outcast in WWE's Locker Room?

Right before Big Cass severed his friendship with Enzo Amore with a big boot, he explicitly mentioned that Enzo was not liked in the locker room. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, this is more fact that accusation.

In his most recent newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote that Enzo is genuinely disliked backstage. The details are still a little blurry, but most of the heat on Amore stems from a bus incident that lead to Roman Reigns kicking him off of the bus. Further, Enzo has been receiving the "Miz Treatment" where he has been barred by his peers from the talent's dressing room.

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Backstage reports have Enzo not being happy with having to split with Big Cass. For obvious reasons Enzo apparently feels vulnerable in his solo spot as WWE has done little to establish his character as anything more than a colorful squawker.

Big Cass too is rumored to have some locker room animosity, but not to the level of Enzo. The reason for the locker room giving Cass the cold shoulder? He's a Trump supporter. His political views have supposedly isolated him from the rest of the roster who don't share his enthusiasm for the President. Regardless, Meltzer reports that WWE is very high on Cass and has significant plans for his future.

There's a lot to digest here, some of it may be hearsay, but this feels like some accurate inside information. Enzo's character on TV looks to be closely tied to his real life personality, and it's plausible to assume that he has a hard time switching off.

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Another bit of interesting info that it was Roman Reigns who smashed the locker room gavel on Enzo's head. For irony's sake, it used to be The Undertaker who laid the law of the dressing room, perhaps after beating him at WrestleMania, Reigns took over those judicial duties.


The heat on Cass is clearly less significant, but now we can at least have a good time imagining political debates in WWE's showers. Cass has flourished in his new solo role. It's no coincidence that WWE is so high on him, he's got some serious potential as big man who can handle the microphone.

We'll keep you posted on this situation as there's sure to more information that comes out as this develops. Stay tuned.