WWE Removes 'This Is Your Life' Segment From Social Media

If you'd like to forget last night's "This Is Your Life" segment with Alexa Bliss and Bayley ever happened, you're not alone. The bit was apparently so poorly received that WWE has removed if from Twitter and left only the brawl portion of the segment on its YouTube page.

The segment was a throwback to The Rock and Mick Foley's 'This Is Your Life' segment from back in 1999 during the Attitude Era ... minus any of the humor.

In all fairness, Alexa Bliss did everything she could to make the bit go over, but the writing was just awful. Bliss spoke in front of a table filled with memorabilia from Bayley's childhood that really no one could possibly see before bringing in Bayley's former school teacher, ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend to reveal some sort of weird infatuation with Bayley's father.

Somehow this ended with Bayley's exes making out with each other in the ring.

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After what felt like hours, Bayley finally ran in to mercifully end the segment by scrapping with Alexa to promote their kendo stick on a pole match for Extreme Rules.

Sometimes a wrestling segment can be so bad that it veers over into the laughably good territory. This one managed to stall out right in the middle of crapsville. With Bliss being so popular with "smark" fans, I couldn't help but wonder if WWE was purposefully giving her an awful segment to force fans into booing her.

Either way, the real travesty here is that Bayley isn't being trusted enough on the mic to sell her own match with Bliss. Ever since rocketing up to the main roster, the WWE's number one hugger has really only had one storyline; that of the underdog fangirl who is living out her childhood dream.

Now that she's held the title it's time to come up with another angle to keep her on top. Hopefully, that angle will have nothing to do with going on dates with her father. Blech.

Since WWE would like us to forget this segment ever happened I say we do just that and move on.


Bayley will face Bliss for the Raw Women's Championship this Sunday at Extreme Rules beginning on the WWE Network at 8pm ET.

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