Watch: Wrestler Spits at Child, Gets Attacked by Adult Fan

In professional wrestling, it's the job of a heel wrestler to make the fans in attendance hate them before, during and after a match.

But as is the case with most things in life, there are certain lines you don't cross. Independent wrestler Devin Danger found that out the hard way over the weekend.

Danger was competing in a tag team match in Salinas, California for local promotion Big Time Wrestling as they partnered up for a set of television tapings scheduled to be released in May. As he made his way out from behind the curtain, both he and his tag partner began to antagonize the crowd.

But at one point Danger stopped and noticed a young girl in the audience. He stuck his hand out to shake her hand, but as she reached forward he pulled back and quickly spit in her direction. The spit didn't appear to make contact, but that didn't stop an enraged adult fan from following Danger and nailing him with a barrage of punches as he stood near the ring. The an was then instructed to back up by security.

As the video began to spread on social media, many fans and fellow wrestlers berated Danger for pulling the stunt and couldn't blame the adult fan, many assumed it was her dad, for attacking.

"As a heel in wrestling, things you should never do to kids. Lay your hands on them, use curse words, use any hand gestures, never throw any liquids or drinks at them, and Never Spit at them! I can't believe that one wrestler did that. What a disgusting person!" @TheOrcaAssassin wrote.

"If a wrestler would spit on my (currently non existent) child I would kill him," @Indianajason2 tweeted.


"Know this...a wrestler of any kind spits on my child, I'm going to jail for a violent assault...period... " Amanda L wrote.

"Pretty sure if I had a daughter and a wrestler spit gum in her face whether heel tactics or not im gonna get escorted out of the building for sure," Jose Morales tweeted.