WrestleMania Possibly Coming to London

Of the 33 WrestleMania's all but one has taken place in the United States. The only Showcase of the Immortals to leave the country was WrestleMania 18 in Toronto, Canada. According to reports, WWE may be adding to their WrestleMania passport.

Per The Independent, London, England is officially on the short list of possible WrestleMania sites. WWE sent out a survey to those that attended this year's event in Orlando. The questionnaire featured potential WresltieMania cities such as New York, Toronto, and London.

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It's been well documented how fruitful the British market is for WWE. The wrestling conglomerate thinks so highly of its fans across the pond that they make 2 trips a year. Even further, WWE introduced the United Kingdom Championship earlier this year.

Throughout the years, England has hosted smaller pay-per-views like Insurrection, but the Brits have only once landed one of WWE's big 4 events. In 1992, Wembley Stadium packed 80,00 fans for SummerSlam. It was widely regarded as a smashing success especially considering hometown hero, The British Bulldog pinned Bret "The Hitman" Hart for the Intercontinental Championship. Ever since England has wanted more.

The biggest reason for WWE not booking a big show in England is time. Due to the vast discrepancy is time zones, the RAWs and SmackDowns in England are pre-taped. With a show as massive as WrestleMania, it must be live. So for wrestling fans, that means you'd have to stay up late or wake up early to fully enjoy the festivities.

Ther question is not if WWE could sell out the biggest venue in the country, but rather if everyone in America would make the time to watch the show live. With the advent of the WWE Network, pay-per-view buy rates have become obsolete, ultimately freeing WWE of that dependency.


A WrestleMania in the UK will happen one day, it's just a matter of timing. As for next year, WWE will be returning to New Orleans for the second time since 2014. We'll know more about future WrestleMania locations in the coming months, stay tuned, folks.

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