The Undertaker Returns to Bury John Cena at WrestleMania

The Undertaker has never been one for words, instead of using chokeslams and Tombstones as his voice. And that's exactly how he answered John Cena's WrestleMania Challenge.

The Deadman made quick work of Cena, possibly in the shortest match of the of New Orleans mega show. However just laying eyes on Taker was enough to make every fan in the Superdome happy.

This buildup was based on ambiguity as John Cena went from hinting at an Undertaker match to demanding one. We always knew there would be at least a WrestleMania confrontation, but there was no confirmation we'd ever get a match.

Despite a memorable trolling campaign by Cena, The Deadman never showed up, not even in vague metaphor and we were left to our imaginations in the final days before WrestleMania.

However the Saturday before the April 8th mega show, The Undertaker was spotted in New Orleans. His spotting all but guaranteed his appearance and the only question left was how he'd show up in the Superdome.

WWE did their best to keep us on our toes, but when Cena was yanked from the stands an ran backstage, we knew the fix was in. But when Cena made his entrance an hour later, there was no sign of Taker. Instead, we got Elias, who after trolling the New Orleans crowd, was quickly disposed of by Cena.

Cena's befuddlement continued as he trundled up the ramp, but just as it appeared The Deadman has chosen to stay dead, the lights went out. Moments later Taker's hat and gloves from WrestleMania 33 showed up center stage.


Then came the gong.

Just minutes later, Taker had tombstoned and pinned Cena. He drifted back into the darkness, probably for the last time.