What Were The Words To Elias Samson's Song On RAW?

After drifting through crowds and backstage hallways, Elias Samson made his in-ring debut on Monday's RAW. The recent NXT call-up, who has become a bit of a cult favorite, made a big impression with his DQ victory over Dean Ambrose.

Before the match, Samson sat in the middle of the ring strumming his guitar with what I hope will be his gimmick each week. The song was not good and I still don't know if fans were supposed to be in on the joke or not. Unsurprisingly, Samson was interrupted by Dean Ambrose's entrance before he could ever get to the chorus.

Here are the lyrics that we were able to catch.

"The Grandest of Rapids has washed in
discarded driftwood named Elias Samson
Now that you all have begun to hear my song
It's time - the end has finally come along
So tonight, you can say goodbye
to the Lunatic on his last night
What it needs is what I am..."

Will Samson write a new song for each of his opponents every week to that same three chord melody? I sure freaking hope so! He's like the grunge version of Thuganomics John Cena.

I'm all in on The Drifter.

You may say it's a stupid gimmick, but I'll take a stupid gimmick over no gimmick at all. There are too many stars on the roster who don't have a clear cut identity other than "pro-wrestler." When we all first fell in love with wrestling, WWE was full of characters – Voodoo Doctors, Taxmen, Clowns, Repo Men, Jailers, Undertakers. Today it seems WWE is afraid of going back down that road so they just give their talent a one name moniker and expect them to connect with the audience.

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Wrestling is supposed to be fun and it's more fun when we are asked to believe some Alt-rocker couldn't make it in music so he decided to take up wrestling as a side gig.

The best part about Samson's gimmick is that if he ever leaves the company WWE can just hand it to Tony Neese or Seth Rollins or any of the other 10 guys who basically have the exact same face/hair combo.


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