Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Redux

The *second-ever* Women's MITB match took place tonight on SmackDown Live in San Diego, and [...]

The *second-ever* Women's MITB match took place tonight on SmackDown Live in San Diego, and Carmella emerged the winner, reclaiming the prized briefcase and title of "Ms. Money in the Bank."

Last week Daniel Bryan returned to SmackDown Live to issue his decision on the controversy surrounding last Sunday's Money in the Bank women's ladder match. Fulfilling the wishes of many outraged fans, he stripped MITB winner Carmella of the briefcase, and threatened to fight or fire James Ellsworth for his interference in that match. But more surprising was his solution: a total do-over of the history-making milestone match for the women of SmackDown-- this time with Ellsworth banned from ring-side.

Tonight's SmackDown Live kicked off with the recently returned GM announcing both rematches for the Women's Division to a -- the previously announced ladder match re-do, and one for the SmackDown Women's Title between Naomi and Lana.

But it wasn't long before he was interrupted by the recently-dethroned Princess of Staten Island Carmella, and her interloping escort James Ellsworth, who reminded him of the No Disqualifications stipulation they feel unfairly robbed them of the prize they stole in the first place.

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Asserting his authority, SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan made the informed decision to not only uphold his ban of Ellsworth from ringside, but to ban him from the arena, having him carried out by security. But that didn't stop the devoted heel...

More than just a mulligan of the previous women's ladder match or a rehash of the free-for-all skirmish that concluded last week's SmackDown, tonight's rematch truly didn't disappoint. All five women entered even more fired up than before, looking not only to prove themselves, but to get revenge and make history for the WWE Women's Division-- this time for the right reasons.

Though Tamina and Natalya displayed their phsycial dominance early and throughout the match, it was crowd-favorites Becky and Charlotte who made the first ascents up the steel ladders and near grabs of the briefcase above.

Carmella was wise to mostly stay out of harms way, until a crucial moment when all four of her opponents were on a ladder at once, with the briefcase in near reach. Carmella siezed the opportunity to strike, tipping the ladder over and nearly claiming the briefcase again before being foiled by her recovered foes.

Of course James Ellsworth found his way back into the fray, making his way from the crowd and climbing the ladder in a near repeat of last Sunday's controversial outcome. Thankfully Becky Lynch intervened, tipping the unwelcome interfering valet out of the ring.

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But just when it looked as the underdog Irish Lass-kicker might have her day, Carmella came back with a steel chair. With the competition thoroughly worn down, she made her final climb and unlatched the suspended briefcase, once again claiming her place as Ms. Money in the Bank.

While it's not the outcome fans wanted, Carmella got the retribution *she* wanted, and at least it was slightly more fairly won than the first go-around. How this will sit with the SmackDown authorities remains to be seen, but we look forward to The Princess of Staten Island lording her victory and her contract over the rest of the Women's division like a true heel.