Vince Russo Wants To Return To The WWE

Could the man who helped build WWE's Attitude Era and then tanked WCW be making his return to wrestling? According to, former WWE creative guru, Vince Russo, recently contacted Vince McMahon about coming back to help 'save' Raw.

In the video above, Russo reveals that he wasn't clear where he stood with McMahon, but didn't feel like a WWE comeback would be happening any time soon. Russo admits that his big play was to talk about the low ratings and how he could help fix them, although Russo acknowledged that you don't ever tell Vince McMahon you can 'help' him. Russo last worked for WWE during a brief stint in 2002.

Some of Russo's greatest accomplishments include writing WWE's flagship show Raw Is War as well as their monthly pay-per-views starting in 1997. Russo undoubtedly helped WWE jump ahead of WCW in the Monday night rating wars during the Attitude Era. During Russo's run as head writer, the Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon feud was born as was The Undertaker vs. Kane feud, D-Generation X, the rise of The Rock, and the Mick Foley saga. Some of the more controversial characters during this time, often cited by critics of Russo, include Sable, Val Venis and The Godfather.

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Within two years of Russo becoming the WWE's head writer, Raw had passed Nitro as the biggest wrestling show on cable.

Some of Russo's worst idea include Vince Russo. During a self-booked in-ring career in WCW, Russo became a one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and scored televised singles victories over future WWE Hall of Famers Ric Flair and Booker T (the latter to win his world title). He also placed himself in multiple pay-per-view main events in TNA.

And let us not forget whose idea it was for David Arquette to win the WCW World Championship.

While Russo had plenty of idea that didn't hit, the one thing you could say for him was that he never played it safe. Right now, WWE may be suffering from a fear of pushing the boundaries. The current New Era of Raw is loaded with talent yet it feels about as bland as it has ever felt on the storyline front.

Vince McMahon always tries to do what's best for business, but he may not want to risk it with Russo.

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