Fan Poll Gets Overwhelming Results in Favor of Undertaker Return

While The Undertaker never held an official press conference to announce his retirement from WWE, his exit from WrestleMania 33 said plenty. However, regardless of his heavy-handed metaphor, fans remain convinced the Deadman is not done.

Digital Spy recently hosted a poll that asked a simple question: Should the Undertaker have one more match? The results were overwhelming.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 11.54.50 AM
(Photo: Digital Spy)

While every poll is prone to bias, this one speaks loud and clear: Fans want the Undertaker. They'll be getting him too, well not in a match but 'Taker is booked to return for the January, 22 episode of RAW. However, it's not a typical show as that date represents the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw.

The Deadman won't be the only legend present for the show, however as Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and other WWE nostalgia acts will be in attendance. Yet, at this moment, the Undertaker will be the only guest that fans will anticipate action from.

If Taker does indeed come back for one match, it will most certainly be at WrestleMania 34. With January marking the first month of WrestleMania season, Taker would have to pant the seeds of a New Orleans mega show match during his January 22 appearance.


As of now, there aren't too many prospective rumors on if Taker will be competing again let alone who his final opponent would be. Regardless, we'll know plenty more by the end of January.