WWE Reportedly Sticking with John Cena and The Undertaker for WrestleMania 34

When Undertaker appears on WWE camera, fans have been conditioned to expect big things. So when nothing happening during his RAW 25 cameo, we were left scratching our heads. However, WWE still has big plans for The Deadman.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE still intends to have John Cena and the Undertaker fight at April 8th's WrestleMania. However, Vince McMahon and Co. will wait until after Elimination Chamber to set up that iconic match.

WWE will have about 6 weeks to set up Taker vs. Cena one ELiminatin Chamber is out of the way. However, the RAw following the pay-per-view will mark the beginning of our gong watch.

Despite being "retired" The Undertaker finds himself perpetually involved in WWE rumors. And now that WrestleMania season is finally upon us, the hearsay surrounding the Deadman feels far more legitimate than it did back in August. It certainly seems like we'll be getting another, and likely final Taker match at the New Orleans mega show.

The signs keep coming, too. On Friday, Michele McCool, Undertaker's wife, and former WWE Superstar posted a video of the Undertaker in training mode. While he wasn't practicing Tombstones and Chokeslams, he was moving a decent chunk of weight around - an image that lends itself to speculation. Even more, keen eyes pointed out that Taker's dyed his hair form Mark Calaway Grey to Deadman Black.

In an interview Wrestlezone, WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, had a lot to say about The Undertaker's current standing in WWE. According to Good Ol' JR, The Deadman may still be alive:

"Until he says he's done he's not done. I think Vince McMahon is a marketing genius. He's not going to miss any opportunity to monetize and maximize this amazing investment in this legacy of The Undertaker. Until The Undertaker says he's done and it's validated by the company and is signed off in that essence, for lack of a better term, I still say Undertaker is active and could return and wrestle at any time," he said.


For Cena, this marks his return to WWE's main event. Although one could make the argument that WWE's brightest stage is wherever Cena goes, but for the past few WrestleManias, Cena assumed more of a supporting cast member's role. But by entering the ring with the Undertaker, John Cena will have one of the biggest matches of his career.