Triple H Reveals How The Rock Invented the People's Elbow

Triple H recently sat down with Greg James of BBC Radio and discussed his hatred of limousines, the possibility of WrestleMania in London, and his favorite opponent.

Without hesitation, Triple H singled out his experiences working with The Rock. The two rose simultaneously in WWE and spent countless matches together in the ring. When the subject of the People's elbow came up, Triple H had plenty to say.

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The Game claimed that Rocky's patented move just came about in an attempt to be goofy:

"Let's just try to make Taker break character tonight. Whatever that is right? And you're trying to make each other laugh, and one night Rock did the People's Elbow which wasn't known as the People's Elbow, it was known as "Watch This Move That's Going to Make All of You Lose it."

Triple H closed the conversation with this:

"I loved working with Rock, so in no way is this disparaging..but it is the hokiest move ever."

Few would argue against this, but hokey or not, the People's Elbow is one of the most remarkable moves in WWE history. Ironically enough, as Triple H said, it was a move created to entertain wrestlers, who knew it would grow to be the most popular move to try on your friends in the backyard?

Triple H would go on to say that more often than not, Rock's patented elbow would but open wrestler's mouths. This only furthers the irony as the low-impact maneuver looks harmless.

Anytime Rock's name comes up in wrestling conversation, the next question is if he'll ever return the to ring? Rocky seems to be dedicated to at least staying relevant to WWE fans as he frequently has his own WrestleMania segment. Some prognosticators believe he'll return one day to fight Brock Lesnar, but that window is rapidly closing. Who knows, if Triple H keeps calling The Rock "hokie" maybe it will draw The Great One away from Hollywood and into a WWE ring.


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