The Rock Raises Doubt About His WrestleMania 34 Plans

In the face of the most recent comments, there are only three possible outcomes for The Rock at WrestleMania 34. Two of them are good, and one is decidedly not as entertaining.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet to promote Rampage, The People's Champ was asked by the host if he would see him at Mania. To which The Rock replied, "You will not see me there."

So, here are the potential situations.

First -- and most realistic -- we will not see The Rock during the seven hours of Mania madness.

The Rock tends to be a man of his word and so there is a pretty safe belief that he was not lying. As boring as that possibility is, it simply be a fact of life. The Rock is busy, he has a lot going on. He doesn't need to be at Mania to remain relevant.

Now, to many, that may seem simple to just take The Rock at his word. The fact remains that he has appeared at six of the last seven WrestleMania events and bookmakers in Vegas have made the odd's pretty long to go against him showing up at 1/100 -- even adding 25/1 odds that he laces it up and actually wrestles.

George Elek, a spokesperson for Oddschecker shared the following statement:

“The Rock is still one of the WWE's biggest names and an appearance from the Great One would spike interest and generate huge publicity for Vince McMahon’s business. The bookies believe he is almost certain to appear once again at The Showcase of the Immortals and 1/100 implies a 99 percent chance that we will see The People’s Champion inside the Squared Circle," he said.

Those facts lead to the next possible solution: a swerve.

If Vince McMahon and the other powers that be have an appearance planned from one of the most popular acts of all-time, to get the biggest pop possible no one would benefit by having his appearance spoiled by a random interviewer.

Then there is this option: The Rock is clever and is playing a great game of semantics.

The interviewer asked pretty specifically, "I'll see you there, right?"

The Rock answered specifically, "You will not see me there."

Perhaps the answer was cleverly crafted that Chris Van Vleit will not see The Rock there... but many other people could see him there? Will Chris be backstage? Will he have some access that would allow him to see The Rock in New Orleans?

He didn't specifically answer that he wouldn't be at WrestleMania, all he said was that Chris wouldn't see him there.


According to previous reports, The Rock was slated to make a surprise appearance as part of the segment in a "Rock Concert" to showcase Elias, Jeff Jerrett, and others. Rumors have surfaced that he was unable to give a firm commitment to that plan and the WWE brass had to move on with the assumption that he will not be participating.

With just a few days until the event, it is now a guessing game.