The Rock Reveals His Two Favorite Opponents

There's absolutely no doubt that The Rock will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day as the Great One has given the WWE Universe some of the greatest moments in wrestling history. 

While it could be debated on Rock's actual technical prowess, what he lacked in wrestling savvy, he more than made up for it with his charisma and ability to entertain; nobody could work a crowd like Rock. We all have our favorite Rock moments and match-ups, but who does the Rock think is his greatest opponent that brought out his best. 

In a recent interview with his YouTube Channel, Rock gave some insight on who his greatest opponents were, and to no one's surprise, he picked two of the all-time greats: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H

Anybody familiar with Rock's WWE career is fully aware that he is forever tied to both of those two and the three of them were the cornerstones of the company's highly profitable Attitude Era. Surprisingly enough, though, the three never faced off in a triple threat match. One was proposed for Survivor Series '99, but Austin was kayfabed taken out by a mysterious driver and replaced by Big Show. 

“Both guys I love, both guys I respect...admire. They’re great friends to this day.”

All three of them had outstanding bouts over both the Intercontinental and then-WWF Championship. During Austin's absence for over a year, both Rock and Triple H became the hottest ticket in wrestling and took the business to a new level of success.

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