The Hardy Boyz Attacked After Defeating Sheamus And Cesaro

The winning ways of the legendary Hardy Boyz continued tonight as Team Extreme held back the challenge of Sheamus and Cesaro. However, a post-match beatdown may have ended the feel-good return of Matt and Jeff Hardy.

After receiving the hot tag from Jeff, Matt began cleaning house on the challengers until Cesaro captured Matt in an epic 20 rotation Cesaro swing that caused Corey Graves to say "Matt's going to thank he's in a diferent universe after this."

Sheamus seemed to have the victory locked up when he hit Matt with a powerslam, but Jeff had made the legal tag and hit the Swanton Bomb for the thrilling victory.

After another post-match handshake, Sheamus and Cesaro absolutely obliterated the champions with a punishing attack capitalized by a brutal brogue kick.

Aside from defending the championships, it was clear Matt's 'broken' status was still very much on the WWE Universe's mind.

DELETE chants welcomed the Raw Tag Team Champions to the ring and Matt was routinely greeted with OBSOLETE chants during his time in the ring.

Matt once again teased a return to his 'broken' self on Twitter when he posted the following tweet referencing the rumor that WWE was purchasing the trademark deal to use the 'broken' universe from Impact Wrestling.

Matt's wife, Reby Hardy, posted a statement about fans' clamoring for the Hardys to return to their 'broken' selves.


Will the post-match beatdown and new heated rivalry with Sheamus and Cesaro finally cause Matt to break?

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