Terry Funk Wants To Wrestle Ric Flair One More Time

We've all heard some crazy stories in pro wrestling, but this one might take the cake. Terry Funk wants to wrestle Ric Flair one more time in the ring, and he's not joking about it.

Funk is getting ready to make a return to the ring for Big Time Wrestling in North Carolina later this month. This will be the first time that the living legend has been in the ring since October of 2015, and he'll be working with the Rock 'N Roll Express and Jerry "The King" Lawler. This is far from the first time Funk has come out of retirement and it may not be the last time. For the record, Terry is 73 years old.

Funk spoke about his upcoming return to the ring with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, but it was his comments on Ric Flair that will really be grabbing attention. Especially given the recent health scare Flair has gone through.

In regards to Flair's health, Funk said, "I sent my regards to him and I wish him the best. It is very important to me that he comes along and to be very honest with you when you take a look at the old timers there are not many of us that are left."

Funk then took it one step further, saying he'd like to see his old rival Flair across from him in the ring one more time.

"I’d like to see Ric come back and come into the ring and I’d like to go into the ring with him. I really mean that. I’d like to have one more chance and basically I think Ric would like to be in the ring with me too. It is just like with Lawler, I am looking forward to this," Funk said.

While Funk has come out of retirement many times, Flair seemed content staying out of the ring in recent years. He last wrestled for WWE in 2008, and followed that up with a few matches in TNA Wrestling. However, since his return to WWE, he worked as a valet for his daughter and the thought of him wrestling once again never seemed to come up from management or Flair himself.


And that was all before his recent serious health scare. Given the fact that Flair went through a surgery last month where he only had a 25% chance of survival and is set to receive an internal pacemaker, we think it's a pretty safe bet that he won't be performing as a wrestler again. No medical professional would ever clear him for such an activity, and Flair is too smart to put himself in that kind of situation after what he has been through.

While Funk may have a wild idea about this actually happening, the only way you will see these two in a ring together again is with a microphone in their hands. And hey, that would be just fine with us.