Team RAW vs Team Smackdown is just the beginning

Throw logic out the window. Come on, you can do it. You’re a wrestling fan for Pete's sake! [...]

Throw logic out the window. Come on, you can do it. You're a wrestling fan for Pete's sake!

Forget how out of character it was for a "lunatic" on the "fringe" like Dean Ambrose to show up on RAW willingly wearing a blue Smackdown t shirt like he had just joined a church softball team. Forget that Bray Wyatt had no reason to want to "destroy his monster," Braun Strowman, simply for being drafted to RAW.

Forget that Roman Reigns has spent the last two years wanting to exact revenge on Seth Rollins, and it only took a Mick Foley pep talk to reform The Shield. Forget that Seth Rollins has put aside his hatred of team JeriKO and his pursuit of reclaiming the Universal championship to simply win one for Stephanie McMahon.

Forget that the only thing at stake at this Sunday's Survivor Series is, er, ... bragging rights, I guess?

Forget all of that, because the final 6 minutes of last night's RAW proved that this Sunday's traditional elimination tag team match between the red and blue brands is going to be EPIC!

Randomly forcing enemies to team together is the beauty of the Survivor Series. It breaks up the storyline monotony that dictates so much of the wrestling year. Outside of the Royal Rumble, it's the only chance the WWE has to jump start so many new feuds in an organic way.

Until last night, did you even realize that you wanted to see Randy Orton face off with Braun Strowman? I sure didn't! Did you expect to get emotional when Seth and Roman brought back The Shield powerbomb on AJ Styles? Me neither! Had it ever occurred to you that jobbers make great mascots? Same here.

Amazingly, the WWE has hornswoggled (without using Hornswoggle) our emotions again!

Perhaps not having any concrete stakes is what will make this match so enjoyable. Not already having a preconceived notion of where the WWE wants to take the storyline gives us the rarest of wrestling gifts - the belief that anything is possible.

As the WWE looks ahead towards Wrestlemania season, which members of Team RAW and Team Smackdown are you most hoping to see face off this Sunday at the Survivor Series?