Big Names Headed to SummerSlam's Pre-Show

With 10 matches already confirmed and the possibility of a few more getting tossed in, WWE's SummerSlam may very well be a 6-hour show. However, despite the gluttonous card, a few wrestlers will have their SummerSlam hearts broken.

According to PWInsider, a bag of big names will be relegated to SummerSlam's pre-show. The first being the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match featuring the New Day and the Usos, and the second being the Hardy Boys vs. Anderson and Gallows.

This comes as a bit of a disappointment, particularly in the case of The New Day vs. The Usos. While most of WWE is jabbering about Brock Lesnar and his Universal Championship, the New Day/Usos rivalry had quietly become one of the best acts running in WWE.

The New Day recently regained their tag team belts at Battleground a few weeks ago. It was arguably their best match to date as they and the Usos put on an absolute display of professional wrestling. Since, the Usos have added layers of viciousness that, sure singling, the New Day returned on last night's SmackDown. Aided by their controversial rap battle, New Day/Usos have become a seminal feud for both parties.

One could make the argument that they'll be better off on the pre-show. THat way, they won't have to follow a huge match on the Summerslam card. However, THIS is the huge match. It may not be as sexy as Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose challenging for their first tag team titles, but regardless, these veteran tag teams deserve a spot in WWE's limelight.

For the Hardys, a pre-show match seems fitting. Since their monstrous WrestleMania come back, the WWE veterans have spent the last few months sputtering. Caught in character limbo, the Hardys seem to care more about reanimating their famous "BROKEN" gimmick from GFW than contributing to WWE. Their distracting legal tussle with their former employee has become an infatuation for the Hardy family and we all may be suffering from it.

Anderson and Gallows' involvement is arbitrary at best. Just a few days a go it looked like we'd be getting the Revival vs. The Hardys - a sure to be a blast of a match. Yet an injury to Scott Dawson has killed that possibility.


It;s not just tag teams getting the proverbial shaft, either. As of today, The Miz and Jason Jordan will not e having a contest for the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. This may have its merits as WWE does not want to rush the fed, However, it's still odd to see one of WWE biggest belts not get defined and their send largest show of the year.