Struggling Superstar to Get Big Main Event Push After SummerSlam

Perhaps no fan base is more miserable than Sami Zayn's. His slump hit a new low on Smackdown when he lost a quick match to the singing Aiden English. On top of that, he's involved in arguably the worst feud in WWE with Mike and Maria Kanellis.


If Sami Zayn and his fan can make it through August, they may be in for quite the treat.

According to Four3Four and Still Real to Us, Sami Zayn may be in store for a hefty push. A US Championship match with AJ Styles? No. A mid-card showdown with Kevin Owens? No. A WWE Championship match with whoever leaves Summerslam with the belt? Yes!.

Apparently, WWE officials want Sami Zayn in the WWE championship picture by the end of 2017.

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News like this should revive Sami and his tortured fan base. Aside from a decent showing at the Independence Day Battle Royal, the most notable thing that's happened to Sami was getting smashed with a flower pot by Mike Kanellis.

Die hards have to be disappointed with Zayn's WWE career thus far as his time on the main roster has been quite forgettable. Toehr than his dynamite matches with Kevin Owens, Zayn just has yet to be placed in significant spots. He's certainly capable of performing at high levels, though, just look at his NXT tape.

Zayn is one of the purest babyfaces to work in WEE in quite some time. He possesses a great fire that fans naturally get behind. An opportunity like this in WWE's main event could make Zayn into a star. However, if this push is to fail well, that makes Sami look very expendable.

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Taking a step back, it appears that Sami is in the mist of replacing Dolph Ziggler as the mid-card loveable loser. It's OK when guys like this lose loads of matches because of it literally their gimmick. The same goes for Bayley. Ziggler owns a couple turns with the WWE Championship and actually fought Dean AMbrose last SummerSlam for the big belt. Ziggler has been directly associated with some of the loudest pops in recent WWE history. People rally behind him like they do Zayn.

If Sami can win a WWE championship, it will be a memory to hold onto. A pure babyface who has fought through the muck to reach the top is a story the always works. Good luck to Sami!

(Photo: WWE)