Shane McMahon in Helicopter Crash

Shane McMahon and pilot Mario Regtien, were involved in a helicopter crash around 10:30 Wednesday morning off the coast of Gilgo Beach, an area by Long Island, NY. The helicopter had to make an emergency landing in the water. Remarkably, both McMahon and Regtien are OK.

McMahon's helicopter departed Weschester County Airport, according to WABC in New York. Upon crashing, a commercial flight heading to Kennedy Airport heard the emergency call, and relayed it to controllers at a FAA radar facility.

"We heard some noise, and it became very clear to me that I could no longer continue flying the helicopter," Regtien said. "So I decided to do an auto-rotation landing in the water."

Emergency responders hurried to the site and ferried McMahon and Regtien to shore. McMahon is actually doing so well that he was able to calmly address the media in this video:

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Shane McMahon's durability is one of WWE lore. Having being involved in some of WWE's most dramatic stunts, perhaps he's been preparing for this moment his whole life:

Hopefully, this is all the splash McMahon will be making today.