WWE Championship Match at Fastlane Now a Fatal 4 Way

Just days after changing Fastlane's WWE Championship match a Triple Threat, Shane McMahon just made new, significant, alteration.

Shane announced Thursday morning via Twitter that the Triple Threat has now become a Fatal 4 Way. Per Shane, Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin will square off on next week's episode of SmackDown to enter that Fastlane main event.

"An unexpected end to with a triple threat match made for ...I’m going to make a bit more interesting.

Next week: @BaronCorbinWWE vs. @HEELZiggler. The winner is added to the match and makes it a for the @WWE title," he wrote.

Just a few days ago, it was announced that AJ Styles would have to defend his WWE Championship in a Triple Threat match at Fastlane after Kevin and Owen and Sami Zayn's SmackDown match ended in a DQ.

But if three's company, then four's a party. To AJ Styles, though, it makes no difference how big that match gets, he's planning on walking out still holding his title.


Consider Ziggler and Corbin's qualifying match to be a run toss up at this moment. It appears that WWE was concocting something special for Ziggler after he "quit" the company earlier this year. However, his return has been inconsequential thus far, but that doesn't mean WWE is m moved away from him entirely.

Corbin, though, spent much of 2017 getting preferential treatment from WWE with his biggest moment being Mr. Money in the Bank. However, Corbin spent the rest of 2017 on a significant downward slope as we went from possible WWE champion, to midcard extraordinaire. A win against Ziggler could put him back on a lofty trajectory.