Sasha Banks Moves One Step Closer to SummerSlam

Next week Sasha Banks will fight for her shot at Alexa Bliss and the RAW Women's Championship. Who stands in her way, remains to be seen.

Tonight's first of 2 triple threat matches featured Banks, Emma, and Alicia Fox. In what proved to be a short, yet fun match, ended with The Boss locking the Bank Statement on to Emma. She quickly tapped and Sasha wasted no time staring down the spectating Champion, Bliss.

WWE has yet to announce who will compete in the second triple threat match tonight, but it may not matter. Barring a surprise, Nia Jax will be winning - and likely pretty easily. We'll report that when it happens.

The ball got rolling when Bayley came out to say goodbye. In another clunky promo, it only took a few moments for the Toronto crowd to check out. Until Bayley thought it would be a good idea to prod them. After her jab, the crowd took pride in booing her. While Toronto is a "smark heavy" audience, this is just not a response an injured babyface should ever get. She has work to do in her absence.

Banks came out to hug her friend, and the match began. From here, it looks like it will be the Boss will be headed to Summerslam, but nothing is imminent. However, she's a blockbuster talent and it would be shocking to see WWE deny her for the second time for SummerSlam.


Women now find themselves an integral part of WWE's product. More so than ever, the ladies in WWE are featured as competitors rather than eye candy. Instead of bra and panties matches, we have been given women's Hell in a Cell Matches. Instead of mud wrestling, WWE's women now compete in ladder matches. Even further, the girls of WWE have become priorities on the card. Gone are the days of 2-minute formality - women are trending towards becoming headliners.

Banks herself has been one of the figureheads of this movement along with Charlotte Flair. Banks has been removed from the women's main event since WrestleMania and now looks to be heading towards a SummerSlam showdown against the champion.