Sasha Banks Predicts Which NXT Stars Will Be Called Up Next

Sasha Banks recently took questions from Rappler to help promote WWE's upcoming show in Singapore later this month. Bank's best quotes came from when she was asked about NXT and who she thought was ready to join WWE's main roster:

The Boss was happy to oblige and divulged her her picks would be.

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"I think the next woman that should be called up should be Peyton Royce. I think she's an incredible wrestler, she has a heart of gold, and she trains really, really hard. I also love Billie Kay, and I think they're doing a great job right now in NXT, being the iconic duo."

Banks would continue:

"They're very entertaining, and I think if they just keep doing what they're doing, and keep showing that they want to be the best. The possibilities for them on the main roster are endless."

The Boss saved her most glowing comments on NXT Champion Bobby Roode:

"I just watch that guy, and that guy looks like a star. He's incredible. I've been to NXT TakeOver and saw his entrance live, and I'm just like, wow, this guy's amazing. He'll do glorious things on the main roster. I hope he gets called up very soon."

It's good to hear nice things coming from NXT. WWE's developmental program has proven to be quite fruitful. So much so that WWE had recently picked them clean with the promotion of Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe.

Most correctly thought that NXT was left with its most shallow roster yet. However, the divines look to already be rebuilding itself. Talents like Royce, Kay, and Roode have been integral in NXT reloading. It's very likely that WWE feels the same about them as Banks and we'll be seeing them sooner than later.


Roode is probably the most imminent though. He's still considered to be a newly crowned NXT Champion, a title he took from Shinsuke Nakamura. Rhode has potential to be a top heel in WWE. If nothing else, his entrance will be worth the wait.

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