Watch the Sasha Banks Kick that Ended Paige's WWE Career

In less than a day, Paige's retirement from WWE made the transition from heartbreaking to [...]

In less than a day, Paige's retirement from WWE made the transition from heartbreaking to controversial. Fans wasted little time in pointing out that an errant kick from Sasha Banks is to blame for the abrupt end to the Anit-Diva's career. However, those that condemned Banks were met with a swarm of fans vehemently defending The Boss' innocence.

Both sides make valid points, but in the end, it feels a little cold rule Banks guilty. However, you can make your own decision, because we have the footage from what looks to be the final images of Paige's career. Have a look and let us know how you feel about it:

Was Banks' drop kick excessive? Or was it just tough luck? Should Banks have known better given Paige's medical history? Or did Paige put herself at risk for even coming back to wrestling?

There are plenty of question to ask, and it sounds like this is a story in its earliest chapters. On Friday, as the news was breaking that Page was done forever, the 25-year old made an Instagram post alluding to a comeback. It appears that Paige feels that WWE may have acted too swiftly to medically disqualify her, but it's a situation we will have to monitor.

Daniel Bryan is currently in a similar limbo as WWE's rigid protocol is keeping him, despite being approved by external doctors, out of the ring.

At this point, it's a bad idea to blame anyone for Paige's career-ending injury. There are plenty of facts to be revealed in the future, but any malicious attack on Banks is unwarranted. Wrestling, despite being fake in premise, can get very real. Like any other sport, getting injured during competition is an occupational hazard.

Regardless, we wish the best to Paige as her health is the chief priority in this story.