Is a Sasha Banks Heel Turn Underway?

Even in her nicest moments, Sasha Banks can't hide the edgier parts of her personality. While Banks is still a fan favorite, she's at her best when channeling her sassy "Boss" character. And it may be on the verge of returning.

When Banks unapologetically tossed out Bayley, her best friend, from the first ever Women's Royal Rumble, a trend may have started. The next night on RAW, Banks kept her mean streak alive by playing Asuka's antagonist. Then as if possessed by The Boss, Banks buried the arrival of Ronda Rousey on a recent radio show appearance.

With all of that in mind, Banks tweeted out the following Monday morning.

In a vacuum, this could easily be a tweet of self-motivation. However, given the content of her recent actions, this appears to be another data point in a trend - The Boss may be on her way back.

It may take several more weeks, but this is an important development not just for Baks but for the women's division. When portraying her "Boss" persona, Banks is simply a better performer. For whatever reason, Banks is more natural as a heel - something she's done little of since joining WWE's main roster.

However, her fans will happily recall how great Banks was in NXT as the women's division top heel. A return to that character would shake up WWE's roster for women too, as a fresh heel turn could do wonders for storytelling.

As of now, Banks figures to be left out of big WrestleMania plans. She'll likely be apart of the first ever Women's Elimination Chamber match later this month, but don't expect her to win. Apparently, WWE is locked into having Alexa Bliss defend her RAW Women's championship against Nia Jax at WrestleMania 34. However, The Boss can still make her presence felt without actually winning the match.

Maybe Banks targets the meek Bayley and the pair of old friends can settle the score at WrestleMania. Or maybe she torments Ronda Rousey in her road to New Orleans. The point is, Banks is a more dynamic character as a heel - and when The Boss does return, WWE will add a few more pages to their playbook.