Sasha Banks and Bayley Engage in Miniature Twitter War

Bayley’s relevance in WWE has been withering away for an entire calendar year. But it looks like she just put her foot down and stepped on Sasha Banks’ toes in the process.

On last week’s episode of RAW, Bayley and Banks teased future conflicts while strategizing against Asuka. Bayley reminded Banks and the WWE Universe of how The Boss betrayed their friendship by eliminating her at the Royal Rumble. The tense conversation was left with an "every woman for herself" understanding. And that mantra just sparked some twitter beef between them.

It all began when Bayley responded WWE’s tweet about her narrow loss to Asuka from last Monday’s RAW.

But this was a notion Banks could not let lie.

This lead to Bayley pointing out that she’s beaten Banks plenty of times before.

However, more comfortable with getting adversarial, Banks continued to pour on the jabs.

This is hardly an isolated incident as these two have been teasing tension for a year now. However, this scuffle promises action as there are signals within WWE that Bayley is headed for a heel turn. The impetus for this chatter lies with Bayley teaming with a prominent bad guy, Elias, against Nikki Bella, and John Cena at an upcoming WWE show at Madison Square Garden.

Dave Meltzer commented on this during a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio and noted the oddity of the match.

“So perhaps the Bayley [and] Sasha thing will be Bayley turning and not Sasha. Maybe, or they don’t know what they are doing and they needed — I don’t even know why. Why you would have Bayley team with Elias?" Meltzer said.

Could this finally be happening? We’ll know more after tonight’s episode of RAW, but given that both women are likely to be out of WrestleMania’s title picture, a blood match between these two could easily make its way onto the New Orleans mega card.