Watch: Sami Zayn Berates Fan After SmackDown

No WWE fan could have foreseen how good Sami Zayn would be at being bad. However, an unlucky SmackDown fan just found out that Zayn’s villainous ways don’t stop when WWE turns off their cameras.

Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown was near catastrophic for Zayn and partner Kevin Owens. Their mathematically friendly triple threat match at Fastlane for the WWE Championship just saw an exponential increase in difficulty after Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler earned their way into the match - making it a Fatal 5 Way.

This huge swing rendered Sami inconsolable after SmackDown and he approached the live audience to express his frustration. However, one fan thought this would be the perfect time to snap a selfie with the steaming WWE Superstar. But Sami wasn’t feeling photogenic, rather, he was belligerent.

Thanks to @ClippMcGee for the footage.

Zayn berated the fan for her actions, drawing the ire of onlookers n the process. Within seconds, NSFW chants broke out against the wretched Sami Zayn.

This is great to see. In a world where wrestlers routinely break kayfabe on social media, it’s refreshing to see Sami so committed to being a jerk.


Zayn has thrived as a heel and his new philosophy has earned opportunities that his babyface character would have never seen. Right now, he’s trending towards having his first ever singles match at WrestleMania, likely against Kevin Owens.

After an off-camera performance like this, let’s hope that WWE keeps him as the abrasive heel he’s grown into.