WWE Fastlane Main Event Receives A Major Shake-Up

WrestleMania season sometimes gets a little crazy, and that's exactly the way things went on Tuesday night.

SmackDown began with the recently re-signed Dolph Ziggler making his way to the ring for a match with Baron Corbin. It was quickly revealed that Corbin had been attacked backstage by both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The duo then made their way to ringside and took out Ziggler as well.

An exasperated Shane McMahon approached Daniel Bryan backstage and took issue with the fact that these two (Owens and Zayn) were getting an opportunity at the WWE championship at Fastlane. He quickly remedied that Owens would take on Corbin and Zayn would take on Ziggler Tuesday night on SmackDown. Not only that, but the matches came with some caveats. If either Ziggler or Corbin won, they would be added to the Fastlane main event, and if either Owens or Zayn got involved in the other's match, they would be removed from the Fastlane main event.

As you have probably guessed by now, both Ziggler and Corbin have been added to the Fastlane main event, which will now be a fatal five-way match. Owens and Corbin wrestled first and had a pretty good match, but it was the main event between Zayn and Ziggler that really stole the show.

Prior to the main event, Owens approached Zayn backstage and tried to fire him up that he needed to win so that they would each still have a decent shot at winning the WWE title at Fastlane. They sowed more seeds of discontent here, as Zayn eluded to the fact that each of them are out for themselves at Fastlane and Zayn said Owens already failed by losing to Corbin.

While a Royal Rumble rematch involving Zayn, Owens, and AJ Styles was appealing due to the evolving rivalry between friends (Owens and Zayn), making this a five-way has really made things crazy in advance of WrestleMania.