Rusev Teases His Departure From WWE

Earlier this week a story broke that Rusev and Lana asked WWE for their release from WWE. However, it proved to be resoundingly false after sources were checked and Lana herself shot down the rumors.

But yesterday, the "story" of Rusev's WWE exit added a layer. Rusev took to Twitter have a little fun with the media and fans, sending out the following message:

"I want to thank @WWE front office TR and everybody involved. THANK YOU"

Now in a vacuum, this looks like a retirement postcard. However knowing Rusev, the man is trolling the wrestling community. The best lies are sprinkled with truth and a disgruntled Rusev was not hard to imagine. Since returning from injury, Rusev has endured some unfortunate booking - losing a poorly received Flag Match at Battleground and a 9-second loss to Randy Orton at SummerSlam.

However, Rusev has been at this all week. The fake story alleged that Rusev had to be calmed down by SmackDown's head of Creative, Road Dogg after an altercation with WWE officially backstage. Here's Rusev poking fun at the tall tale:

Here's Rusev wishing Vince McMahon a happy birthday on Thursday. Something that may not have been so hyperbolic if there was a fabricated narrative of him being upset in WWE:

This is Lana's first take on the "fake news." This tweet had most of the wrestling media (ourselves including) backpedaling trying to double check our sources:


All in all, this is just good fodder. While Rusev may, in fact, be disgruntled, the idea of taking action to leave WWE is clearly preposterous to the Bulgarian Brute. So don't mind him as he has a little fun.

We'll keep you updated on the situation, but for now look for Rusev and Randy Oton to begin building a feud. Maybe they'll create a Loser Leaves Town match in the name of irony.