Rusev Day Reportedly Sentenced to Execution

Rusev and Aiden English spent most of 2018 riding one of the more organic waves of popularity in recent memory. However, it looks like #RusevDay is officially terminal.

Cagesideseats reports that Rusev will soon return to his ruthless foreign heel gimmick, likely with Lana returning to his side. This means that Aiden English is the proverbial dead man walking as a vicious attack by Rusev seems unavoidable at this point.

Given the success, specifically, the merchandise sales of Rusev Day, this gutting of the popular duo comes as a bit of surprise.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE sees more potential in Lana and Rusev as a dastardly couple than Rusev and English as a tag team. Even more, Meltzer asserted the Lion of Bulgaria and his bride may be in line for the main event push after English’s blood has been spilled.

It would be great to watch Rusev and English become the crown jewel of SmackDown's tag division, but there just isn't room for them to grow. With The Usos, New Day, and The Bar, WWE flaunts a highly talented group of wrestlers—each of them being a well-established tag team. But for Rusev and English to climb, they'd have to regularly beat teams that outrank them—and that's just not something WWE is ready to order.

WWE already teased the breakup of Rusev Day when Lana returned to Rusev's side earlier in May. Playing a possessive banshee, Lana whispered into Rusev's ear that English had been holding him back. Ever since that moment, the end of Rusev Day became inevitable.

Don't expect Rusev to turn on English until after Money in the Bank. The Bulgarian Brute is one lucky starts who landed the opportunity for the MITB contract and he'll be preoccupied with that pursuit for now. However in the weeks following the MITB pay-per-view, English may be a marked man—especially if he were to somehow cost Rusev his Money in the Bank glory.


This smells of a SummerSlam feud and considering the grassroots movement ignited by Rusev and his muse, English, it's well deserved. While many fans may be salty about the dissolving of the beloved duo, consider Rusev Day to be a stepping stone for both Superstars.

Admittedly, Rusev retuning to the land of the menacing foreign heel is a little dissapoiting—simply because he's shown he's capable of more. However, it may be English who makes the more triumphant rise from Rusev Day's ashes.