Rumors of WWE Theme Park Take Shape

According to report by a WWE theme park could be coming in the near future. Below are some concept designs that were recently revealed by architecture and design company Forrec.

WWE Theme Park design

Some of these ideas could already be seen and experienced at the most recent WrestleMania Axxess hall in Orlando this year. Attractions at the interactive exhibit included a jump from the top turnbuckle into a foam pit and the superstar entrance area-- where fans could cue up superstar entrances of their choice to walk the ramp to, mimicking their favorite star's moves or making up their own.

According to the designs from Forrec, there are also plans for a "Road to WrestleMania" attraction, an Andre The Giant funhouse, and a haunted house centred around The Undertaker and... The Boogeyman?! (You know, for kids.)

At this time there is no further information of a location or potential opening date the theme park. With it only being in the early design stages, this "ultimate thrill-ride" could still be a few years away from being a reality.

Orlando, Florida would be a logical spot for this theme park for several reasons. The WWE has roots in Orlando already with NXT and the Performance Center, and it is already a travel destination for families as it is home to Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.


But don't expect to see the lines form anytime soon. Just as the company still has yet to open a physical Hall of Fame, there is just as much of a possibility that these plans also never actually see the light of day.

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