Hints That Ronda Rousey Will Break WWE Suspension

Given her Instagram countdown, is appears Ronda Rousey fully intends to abide by the 30-day suspension levied by Kurt Angle. However, professional wrestle is rarely so plain and new information suggest she could return before her penalty lifts.

Rousey technically won't be eligible to return until Wednesday, July 18. However there's not a WWE television show on that day and we, in theory, won't see her until the July 23 episode of RAW.


According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rousey is advertised for next weeks RAW in San Diego and is scheduled for the July 15 Extreme Rules pay-per-view. It's worth noting that Rousey could easily attend each show, but not actually appear on live television. This would keep up the facade that she is indeed suspended.

Then again, we can't recall the last time a WWE Superstar obeyed a suspension. Stone Cold made a career out of showing up when he wasn't supposed to. This the reprehended wrestler is one of the sport's oldest gimmicks and we'd be naive to think Rousey won't come around to raise a little hell.

However, the 31-year old did post an apology and promise to serve her suspension the morning after her RAW explosion.

"I sincerely apologize for my behavior tonight.... Though you were the first to put hands on me, I shouldn't have let my temper get the best of me....Despite the fact I was cheated, provoked, and disrespected by Alexa... i shouldn't have been willing to go through you to get to her.


I'll gladly serve my suspension ... but Alexa, know that every moment you don't see me i am thinking of you and preparing for your comeuppance. So you in 30 days."

This story is developing...