Rumor Busting Update on Ronda Rousey's WWE Status

This time last week, a number of reports swirled around the internet that claimed WWE and Ronda Rousey were about to make their wrestling marriage official. However, they may not even be close to making that happen.

TMZ Sports cites multiple independent sources in a report that asserts Rousey and WWE's talks have "not gotten off the ground." One of their sources says "[Ronda's team] hasn't begun any negotiations with the WWE."

TMZ would go to underline that Rousey is indeed doing wrestling specific training, on top of shooting a role in Mark Wahlberg's "Mile 22" film.

This news comes on the heels of Triple H interview with CBS' In This Corner Podcast where he shot down the reported contractual agreement between WWE and Rousey.

"It's funny because every now and then I wake up and I look at either social media or the news and I see a report and it's like, well, that's news to me because I'm the one who would be having that conversation, so it's interesting with 'sources say,'" explained The Game.

However, the rumors of Ronda to WWE are more than hearsay but things just aren't as developed as they've been reported to be.

"Everybody is very busy and I know that from Ronda's side and her team, they are looking for an opportunity. I have made it very clear that an opportunity exists and it's just a matter of us getting together and having conversations," asserted Triple H.


It's hard to tell if both parties are playing coy. This fall, Rousey herself challenged Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Becky Lynch, telling them to "Name the time, name the place" in a WWE produced backstage segment.

From our perspective, WWE certainly has plans to use Rousey, we just can't say when. So it looks like we'll have to wait for a little longer before we start rolling out the welcome wagon for Rousey in WWE, but it's happening - we'll just have to be patient.