Ronday Rousey Booked Again for RAW on Monday

Who says Ronda Rousey is just another part-timer?

According to PWInsider, Rousey will be at Monday night's Milwaukee episode of RAW, marking her second consecutive appearance on WWE's flagship show — something Brock Lesnar hasn't accomplished since Paul Heyman had a rat tail.

So now that we know the former UFC Champion will be there, it's time to open speculation on what she'll be doing.

Last week Rousey shined in her segment with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Kurt Angle. With solid microphone work and a palpable presence, Rousey alleviated any doubt still hanging from a shaky Elimination Chamber performance. And now, it looks like she's off the races.

RAW ended last week on a tense note. After accusations, disingenuous apologies, and an oddly timed bonk to Kurt Angle's dome by Triple H, the situation between The Authority and Rousey is quite combustible.

For those unfamiliar with subtext, all of this is leading to a WrestleMania match between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon vs. Rousey and Angle. Given that April 8th gets closer by the second, WWE will have to make tomorrow night count.

There are only five RAW's remaining between now and New Orleans' mega show. While all signs point to Rousey being fully committed to becoming a WWE Superstar, it's hard to imagine her working every RAW between now and then.

So for tomorrow, look for Triple H and Steph to continue to torment Angle. Actually, there's a decent chance they fire him before 'Mania, leaving Rousey totally isolated in this story. However, Rousey vs The World is exactly what WWE wants, and admittedly, so do I.


Tomorrow night will be a great opportunity for all parties, not just Rousey, to distinguish themselves as WrestleMania approaches. So far, RAW has been on a hot streak as of late, and given the season, we can expect another juicy episode on Monday.

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