Ronda Rousey Names Pair of Wrestling Moves

It seems that with every appearance Ronda Rousey makes on WWE cameras, she debuts a new offensive maneuver. And now, she's naming them.

Not all of Rousey 2018 cameos have to lead to violence, but when they do (Elimination Chamber, RAW) it breaks the internet. While we still have yet to see her actually wrestle, the former UFC Champion has shown glimpses her future arsenal.

Let's start with Elimination Chamber where she hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Triple H. But Rousey is calling it an "Ura Nage." However, to us, it looks more like a Urassjustgotputthroughatable.

Then there was the most recent episode of RAW where Rousey hit Stephanie McMahon with what most would call a Samoan Drop. But, again, true to her judo roots, Rousey dubbed it a "Standing Reverse Kata Guruma."

We're always cool with wrestlers blurring the line between sports entertainment and combat sports, but there is a line. If Rousey overcommits to looking "real" she could end up looking up like a martial arts spoof.

However, that's not exactly a reasonable fear to have. Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Ken Shamrock and even Steve Blackmon were able to mix the proper amount their competitive backgrounds with WWE's ring, so why can't Rousey?

Regardless of what she calls her stuff, we're just happy she's around. Even more, she's going to be in the next four episodes of RAW which all but guarantees a well developed and highly combustible story between her and The Authority.


Look for Rousey to unveil yet another judo inspired move this Monday, and if we're lucky, it'll be that illustrious armbar.