Ronda Rousey Blasts Conor McGregor Over Infamous Bus Attack

Ronda Rousey has some less than favorable opinions on Conor McGregor's behavior leading up to his [...]

Ronda Rousey has some less than favorable opinions on Conor McGregor's behavior leading up to his UFC 229 fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

In particular, Rousey took issue with McGregor's attack on Nurmagomedov that put other fighters in harm's way. McGregor threw a metal hand truck at a moving bus that was transporting the fighters, breaking a window and leaving several with injuries from glass shards. McGregor, who went on to lose his fight against Nurmagomedov, faced several charges for his actions.

Rousey feels that the move might have garnered some attention for the fight, but it ultimately crossed a line.

"I understand promoting fights and having to sell them. I really do, but I don't think people have to get arrested in order to do that" Rousey told TMZ. "I think I've been able to prove that you can make a fight exciting and make people really wanna see it without crossing any legal lines."

Rousey then weighed in on the McGregor-Khabib bout. She revealed she did not catch the full match, but was well aware of the chaotic aftermath, which included Nurmagomedov scaling the ring's cage and fighting a crowd member after the fight.

When asked if Nurmagomedov should be punished for his actions, Rousey pointed out that the UFC should have "drawn the line" at McGregor's bus attack.

"I think if you're going to draw the line there, you should have drawn it before that," she said. "I think Khabib jumping out of the Octagon was not as bad as throwing objects at a bus. My friend Rose Namajunas was on that bus, my friend Michael Chiesa missed his fight because he got cut. I just feel like, there has to be equal treatment all the way across the board. I don't think anyone should get special treatment because they're a bigger draw."

She added, "There's too much preferential treatment given to the high-profile fighters. I think there needs to be equal discipline across the board no matter who you are. People are going to start thinking once they get to certain level, the rules don't apply to them."

While that may have sounded like she was fine with Nurmagomedov's actions, Rousey clarified elsewhere in the conversation that she hoped that kind of tactic was a one-time incident.

"I'm just glad both guys are healthy and that it was a great match. I'm sorry it's been soured by the aftermath," Rousey said. "I feel like their performances aren't going to get enough credit because of what happened. I just really hope it doesn't become and ongoing trend. I want people to feel safe to bringing their kids to fights."

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